Root: The Underworld Expansion

Created by Leder Games

Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck! ** Please note that only the retail edition of Root: The Underworld expansion is available for order. The Kickstarter edition which came with the Kickstarter extras for free is now sold out but all extras from the campaign are available for separate purchase.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update #3
3 months ago – Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 02:12:33 AM

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a short and sweet update on where we currently are with fulfillment. 

Please note that any dates provided are merely estimates.

Some Confusion

We've been seeing some confusion in the comments and our messages wondering whether you should have gotten your tracking email yet. The short answer is that the majority of our orders have not shipped yet or had their labels generated. Any package or tracking already sent is for backers that had the entirety of their order ready to ship with what inventory was readily available at the time. This was previously detailed in our recent updates that some orders were shipped first to relieve limited space at our warehouse. This does not mean we split any shipments. It is completely normal if you have not received your tracking information yet. 

For a breakdown on when to expect your orders delivered, please see the breakdown by region below.


Currently, Root: Underworld Kickstarter editions, Root Core, Riverfolk, The Clockwork expansion, and both playmats are at our US warehouse. Orders are being processed and shipped based on what's currently available to ship at this time so that orders can start fulfilling right away as we are still waiting on the last bit of our containers to still arrive. We are expecting the rest of the inventory from the factory (i.e. upgrade kits, plushies, etc.) to be at the US warehouse next week.

We currently expect fulfillment to be fully wrapped up early to mid February.


Root Underworld Kickstarter editions and some of the playmats have just arrived in Canada today. Orders will begin shipping over the next week with what's available. Inventory still pending is waiting for the rest of the stock from the US to arrive before being forwarded to complete fulfillment. We currently expect all inventory to be in Canada at the end of January and complete fulfillment around mid to late February depending on when the rest of the inventory arrives.

UK, EU, Asia, Australia, and Rest of World

We've just confirmed with the shipping partner today that the aim is to have all packages packed before Lunar New Year. Please note our shipping partner will only be closed for a couple of days in observance of the Lunar New Year and will resume operations shortly after if they're unable to meet the expectation to finish packing before then.

After packing, it will roughly take a week to book the boat for travel to the UK hub for relevant orders. Then, it will roughly be a 4 week journey from Hong Kong to the UK. Based on our current timeline, we expect delivery to be as early as late February and be ongoing throughout March depending on your location and whether we run into any delays. Orders that are not passing through the UK hub will also travel via ground and deliver roughly late February or so as well.

We will update promptly should any of these timelines drastically change.

Damaged or Missing Items?

If you find that your order arrived damaged or is missing any items or pieces, please email us at We'll do our best to fulfill all replacement requests as soon as we can but please remember that most requests cannot be processed until we've completed fulfillment for Root as we use the same shipping partners to send our replacements. We are also experiencing a high volume of messages at this time so please be patient as it may take a few days to respond.

Please send all inquiries to our support email and to refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system so we can better help you.


Leder Games

(Also, if anyone wanted to take a peek at the Oath Kickstarter page, you can already view it here!) 

Shipping Update #2
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 02:21:04 AM

Hey everyone!

Here is the current status of our fulfillment for Root Underworld. We've outlined the status and start/end estimates for each region detailed below. We also highly recommend reading through the following reminders about your orders as well:

Some reminders:

  • any dates detailed in our updates are estimates and are subject to unforeseen circumstances that may push any of our estimates behind. Should anything delay our timelines, we will provide Kickstarter updates appropriately.
  •  Despite hearing that some people have gotten their tracking numbers, and even their packages, it is completely normal if you have not received either yet. Our last update detailed that we had to ship some US orders that contained inventory that was already available to ship already in order to save warehousing space and time. Please read here for our last update if you would like to better understand our shipping process.
  • When you receive your tracking numbers, please note that this generally represents the time that your shipping label is made and does not necessarily reflect when your package will leave its relevant warehouse. Based on the past, we have come to expect a discrepancy of up to 1-2 weeks from your shipping notification. Please be patient in this process as all of our shipping partners have a large amount of orders to handle and have their own processes for packing and scheduling courier pick ups.
  • If you ordered the "KS Edition" of Root Underworld (your Backerkit order will list the relevant title, "KS Edition" or "Retail Edition") you will find your Kickstarter extra items (Vagabond Pack, Resin Clearing Markers, and the Exiles/Partisans Deck) inside of your Underworld box. Only those who ordered them separately will find them separate from the box. KS editions will have an appropriate green sticker indicating the edition on the shrinkwrap.

Shipping by Region:


Currently, all containers are now on the water and we're still on track for the rest of our fulfillment to pick up around mid January or so. As per our last update, we have a large quantity of orders to fulfill so we expect fulfillment to take a few weeks to wrap up and expect shipping to complete in February.

When you receive your tracking number, you will first receive an email notice via ShipStation and a separate email via Backerkit. It is completely normal for your tracking to not receive any movement for a few days after you get your tracking email. This is due to label creation and notices being emailed at the same time and does not reflect when your package has left or been packed. Shipping will be via UPS or USPS depending on your address location and package size/weight.

Please be reminded that only orders that contained Root: Underworld (KS edition) and/or the playmats have already fulfilled due to how our containers and inventory were split to relieve storage limitations at the warehouse. For more information on our shipping process, we highly recommend reading our last shipping update here.


Canadian stock will be forwarded from the US to Toronto where it will be fulfilled. Shipping will be via Canada Post and tracking emails will be sent via Canada Post as well. Please expect a few days' discrepancy between the time you get your tracking number (i.e. when the label is made) and when the package gets picked up by the courier. There's a large amount of orders being handled and pick ups are scheduled when a large enough bulk of packages are ready for pick up.

We expect shipping to begin roughly around mid-January and will take a few weeks to wrap up as well. Depending on how soon Canada receives all of its inventory necessary for fulfillment, we expect that fulfillment will likely complete by early/mid February.

Rest of World

All necessary inventory for rest of world fulfillment is expected to soon be with our shipping partner. We expect all materials and inventory to be ready roughly mid-January. Data and address processing may take a week or two so we expect fulfillment to begin late January with project wrap up some time in February. This is the current estimate. We will update accordingly as we receive updates from our shipping partner to keep estimates as up to date as possible. Please note that once in transit, packages may take several weeks to deliver since transit is by ground. We hope that delivery will be by March. Again, this is only an estimate and is dependent on many factors here but we will do our best to remain transparent and realistic with expectations.

Packages will be coming from Hong Kong and we will pre-pay any duties/taxes for our EU customers as per our "EU Friendly Shipping" promise in the campaign. Shipping will be via Ground Freight through various couriers such as DHL, DPEX, and Smooth Parcel (in conjunction with Whistl once received in the UK). Our shipping partner will be determining what courier to use based on address, and package dimensions/weight so we unfortunately cannot answer what courier will be used until we receive our order summary sheet from them.

Please note that we will upload tracking numbers once we have a complete tracking report. So we cannot provide any tracking information until the packing process has completed. 


If you are a retailer reading this update, please defer all questions to

Address Changes

At this point, we cannot guarantee the success of any address changes. If you urgently need to make a change to your address, please immediately email with your name, email used on your Kickstarter account, and your new address so that we can attempt to update it for you. We unfortunately cannot guarantee changes but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system for address changes.

Missing Parts and/or Other Questions

If you find that any parts of your game are missing or damaged, please email

We continue to remind everyone to please refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system for any support assistance and would prefer if all questions are sent to our support email address.

Thanks everyone and happy holidays!

The Leder Games Team

Shipping Strategies
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 02:26:14 AM


Hello everyone, my name is Marshall and I’m the Operations Director here at Leder Games. Usually, our operations are fairly “behind the scenes” but due to the nature of crowdfunding and the scale of Root Underworld we’d like to give you all a peek behind the curtain in regards to shipping logistics. My goal today is to share some fairly comprehensive information about how Root Underworld will be shipped to backers. I will also talk a little about some general shipping logistics that aren’t common knowledge. If you’d like to skip the “how” and go straight to the “when,” see the timelines at the bottom of this update.

Shipping and Scale

Root Underworld is a BIG project, and our factory estimated that once complete, if left together on pallets, the products would fill a city block. This presents a number of challenges, the first being that manufacturers don’t generally have continual storage for this much product. Our solution was to plan the manufacturing and shipping in such a fashion that we could take waves of product directly from the factory to the ocean freight and international fulfillment lanes. Basically, this means that we'd start shipping the product out as soon as we received it rather than waiting for the entire stock to arrive. This plan solved the issue we had with capacity concerns at the factory and both warehouses that prep our products for fulfillment. It also allowed us to get around some of the potential delays that can occur in customs.

Getting Stuck in Customs and Split Containers 

Shipping a project as large as the one I’ve just described presents a number of barriers and potential delays, one of which is customs inspections. In a situation where we had a warehouse big enough to hold a city-block’s worth of games, it would still be an incredibly risky practice to ship all products under one bill of lading. If customs at the port of arrival determines the need for inspection, then all 15 cargo containers would need to be pulled. This can mean weeks of delay!

  I’ve worked with a number of freight companies over the years, and one recurring issue with customs inspections in certain ports is that inspection sites can be in entirely different locations. This means the customs officials must truck containers to another location for inspections, and if you have 15 containers it’s going to take exponentially longer than if there were, say, two containers. Of the ports we ship to regularly, about half of them have off-site inspection facilities. Limiting our liability in the case of a customs shipment or delayed ocean passage is one of the ways we are working to ensure backers are being sent products as quickly as possible.

  Basically, we're shipping Root just a few containers at a time. This doesn't significantly alter the speed at which the product will move across the ocean, but it does change how our products will make their way through customs. When it came to deciding the priority of containers, we sorted the backers into groups based on the complexity of their order and coordinated those groups with our general logistics plan. The result is that, in general, folks with simpler orders will get their packages before those with more complicated orders. Of course we do our best to make sure that everyone gets their games at about the same time, but we have limited bandwidth and we want to make sure we can start shipping the moment we receive the first container. This means that in practice those who ordered just the Underworld Expansion will get their games a little before those who ordered multiple products. 

We want you to be aware of this now so it isn’t a surprise, and it’s solely due to the logistics of moving this much product through our fulfillment pipelines. Our expectation is that most backers will receive products in a span of roughly 5-6 weeks barring any delays related to customs, ocean freight, or port traffic. Our fulfillment centers will be moving products through as quickly as possible, and they must, or else the products will overfill their facilities. We have two separate pipelines for fulfillment depending on region, and I’d like to share some of the specifics about how those differ.

Domestic vs. International

US/CAN Shipping

Our two major pipelines for fulfillment are Domestic (US/CAN) and International (The rest of the world; “ROW” for the purposes of this explanation). These two pipelines could not be more different. The graphics above and below detail some of the differences. As you can see, our Domestic pipeline sends full containers of product directly to Atlas Games here in Minnesota. Atlas sends the Canadian products to Quiche Games, and each entity sends orders to backers directly. 

ROW Shipping

You can see that the ROW shipping is considerably more complicated. Our international fulfillment center prepares packages in Hong Kong, then sends them out via ocean, land, and air couriers depending on region. Those packages arrive with various international carriers, some of whom have to ship to regional hubs whose postal carriers deliver directly to backers. It’s an incredibly complex process that also has to account for regional taxes, fees, import and export regulations, and more aspects that I’m sure our fulfillment partners would be quick to remind me of.

International Operations

The ROW pipeline presents many more challenges than the Domestic one for a number of reasons. Our warehouse in Minnesota was a short drive from our office until recently (Atlas has recently grown and moved a few hours away to Duluth). If there were any issues, we were just a short drive away and could often address problems in real-time. Our ROW pipeline starts in Hong Kong, where all of our communications are remote, and often require one party or the other to take calls far outside office hours. In many cases, our ROW product will not fill a container which calls for a different type of container shipment.

The difference between full and partial containers is referred to as "FCL" (Full Container Load) and "LCL" (Less than Container Load). Often due to the scale of ROW shipping, we will not have full containers of product, which means we share a container with other products our consignment agent is shipping to the same locations. This can present delays if another company sharing a container hasn’t paid for passage, or takes extra time to unload their products, or is on vacation, or “their warehouse manager is out sick,” etc. 

We have very few ways of auditing delays like this that are presented to us, and a certain level of trust has to be employed. Once packages leave Hong Kong there is another step removed when it comes to oversight. In the US/CAN we can track packages that are missing or lost in real-time, but in certain regions around the world tracking is simply not available or is prohibitively expensive. This is in addition to the use of “third-party” shipping models in some areas, where the local or municipal postal services aren’t standardized and use various carriers for one region. The reason to point these potential issues out not as a preemptive excuse, but to try to temper expectations and make sure that we are transparent with what we can and can’t control.

One Hub vs. Many

In the past Leder Games used multiple hubs for international shipping, and we had similar issues arise with one outlet being able to fulfill swiftly while others took longer. Our goal in using a single hub is to try to minimize the delays between regions as well as control the process as much as possible. Our current solution is to use a single hub, but we are constantly looking for ways to expedite ROW shipping and regularly meet with new potential partners. At our scale, we’ve got to be careful about shifting a process before it’s had time to settle. We assure you, ROW shipping is one of the things our operations team constantly talks about improving whenever we can find ways to do so.


By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Enough talk about the exciting and alluring world of shipping logistics, when do I get my stuff?”

Currently, we’ve got the first two U.S. Bound containers of Root Underworld Expansions on the ocean, and it’s set to arrive in Early December. The first ROW container is awaiting transport to Hong Kong where it will be prepared for shipping. We are working with our ROW fulfillment outlet to ship the majority of the Root Underworld products together at once, but we will update once that shipping date has been finalized. The subsequent US Bound products are set to go on the water approximately every two weeks with a travel time of roughly 35 days. This means that our current plan has folks starting to see packages as early as late December with fulfillment wrapping up around the first week of February. Please note that there are two major Holidays during this time, including Christmas, which puts heavy stress on postal carriers worldwide.

The Timeline Short Version

  • If you are in the U.S./CAN and solely bought “The Kickstarter Edition Root Underworld Expansion” your orders are expected to ship to you between December 2019 - January 2020.*
  • If you are in the U.S. and bought any products other than “The Kickstarter Edition Root Underworld Expansion” your orders are expected to ship to you between January - February 2020.*
  • If you are in the ROW products will all ship together, and your orders are expected to ship to you starting in January.*

    *All of the above dates are estimates based on information given to us by our vendors. Delays are of course possible and we will update as we gain more detailed information on each region’s timeline.

We appreciate all of your continued support, and as always if you have any questions or need help, email directly!

Address Lock Down
5 months ago – Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 02:16:54 AM

Hey everyone!

Things are moving smoothly and we're getting close to our containers being prepped and headed our way. We'll have a much more detailed Kickstarter update to provide in the upcoming days so you know exactly how shipping will be handled and what to expect, and when to start expecting deliveries. But for now, this mini update is to serve as a reminder to review and finalize your shipping addresses.

Address Lock Down

Now that some of the product is expected to be on the water soon, we'll need to finalize and lock down your shipping addresses. On Nov 13, we'll send a 48 hour address lock down reminder on Backerkit and then lock your addresses on the 15th so we can send final sheets for upload to our fulfillment companies. If you need assistance with this, please email us at

Projected Timeline

Some of you have voiced concerns over using Floship for the fulfillment for Root Underworld and we just want to provide assurance that we're taking proactive action to ensure shipping for all regions will go as smoothly as possible. Your fulfillment companies for our campaign are as follows:

US - Atlas Games | Canada - Quiche Games | Rest of World - FloShip

You may have also noticed in our timeline graphic that we only detail the arrival for Container #1. Because of how large the campaign is, there will be multiple containers leaving at different times but we'll go over what this means in much more detail in our next update. For now, just know that we'll expect the first container roughly one month from now.

Other Questions?

For any other questions, please email us at and refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system so we can better help you.


Leder Games

48 hours left, Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game
6 months ago – Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 03:22:09 AM

Hey Friends!

We have been blown away by all of the support and love the community has had for Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game and the publisher behind the project, Magpie Games! At the time of this update they have raised $485,000 and have entered the final 48 hours of the project. 

We are excited to see this project come to life, so make sure to join us in following Magpie Games to keep up-to-date with everything about Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game! 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Root (board game) please contact us at, all questions about Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game reach out to Magpie Games,