Root: The Underworld Expansion

Created by Leder Games

Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck! ** Please note that only the retail edition of Root: The Underworld expansion is available for order. The Kickstarter edition which came with the Kickstarter extras for free is now sold out but all extras from the campaign are available for separate purchase.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update #6
13 days ago – Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 02:59:27 AM

Hi all,

Here is our shipping update with the most up-to-date information that we have on the current status of shipping for all of our regions:

COVID-19 and Delays

FloShip is our fulfillment company used for all orders outside of the US and Canada and they have provided us an official statement on the impact of COVID-19 on their operations and logistics that have led to the fulfillment delays on our project. 

We once again apologize to all of our backers for the delays and thank you for your patience. We're doing what we can to deliver your orders to you as soon as possible.

Customs and Duties

Just a friendly reminder that as per our Kickstarter fulfillment promise on the campaign page, shipping to Australia, US, Canada and EU countries are customs and duty-free. This does not cover countries outside of these regions and are subject to these fees. 

If you receive a bill and you are located in one of these regions or you believe you have been billed for something that is not customs or duties related, please save the invoice or receipt and email us at so we can look into it for you. Investigating these will take some time and follow up with our shipping partner so it may take some time before we can reach a conclusion for you.

New Updates?

It is sometimes difficult to get confirmation on some of the information we provide during these updates and takes a lot of back and forth communication and additional clarification with our shipping representatives. In order to provide information as accurate and detailed as possible, obtaining this information does take quite some time and sometimes a weekly update on the current status is not possible because sometimes what we have is not enough and will only raise more questions or confusion.

We aim to at least provide a new comprehensive shipping update to you all every 2-3 weeks. Our updates send notifications to all of our backers and so we aim to keep our updates relevant for all regions with the most up-to-date information we are given.  

Shipping by Region

UK and EU

Two containers have been loaded this past week for transit to the UK hub. Roughly 300-400 orders bound for the UK will require to be loaded onto a third container and should be picked up this upcoming week. We currently do not have the tracking on the boat and are attempting to get this information from our shipping partner. Once we have this tracking, we will provide it in a new update so you know its progress. We unfortunately do not have tracking numbers available for individual orders. Our understanding is that new tracking numbers will be provided once packages have arrived at the UK facility and processed with their related local courier.

Address changes have unfortunately been out of our hands since even before January due to our orders being locked and in the processing stage for much longer than anticipated. Our current recommendation is to wait until your local tracking number is known. We'll do our best to have this information provided for as soon as we receive the tracking report and upload them to your Backerkit orders as promptly as possible so you can arrange rerouting the address where possible. There's honestly some uncertainty whether some carriers will allow rerouting and we understand that delivery is past our estimates and some of you have changed or will be changing addresses. We hope that you might find comfort in knowing that we are already in the process of setting up a system where we can quickly turn-around and re-ship any necessary orders should it ever come to that.  

Asia, Rest of Europe, New Zealand, and Rest of World

The majority of these orders have been air-shipped and we have just received a tracking report for these air and ground shipments today. We will be spending the next few days uploading them to your Backerkit orders and it's possible that your shipment may have already been delivered. Please disregard any tracking email if that is the case for you since we will be uploading known tracking numbers in its entirety and to mark your pledge as fulfilled. 

If you do not receive your tracking number by Thursday March 26th, please email us at so we can look into it for you. We are still currently backlogged on our email responses so please be patient as we work through all of our inquiries at this time. 


Orders to Australia have been loaded onto the container and are set to arrive at the Australian port on April 4th. Please expect some time after the arrival date for possible customs processing. If there is not much delay in that process, we should expect deliveries to be as early as mid-april and all throughout the month of April. 

We unfortunately do not have individual tracking numbers on Australian orders and will likely have a new tracking report once your packages have been processed at the Australian hub. We're honestly still trying to ascertain with our shipping partner on when we'll receive this report and through what courier will be taking care of delivery. Once this is known, we will include it in a new update.


Canada is roughly 95% complete as of today. If you did not receive your tracking number yet, you will receive it via Canada Post over the next few days. Fulfillment will continue throughout the weekend with two large courier pick ups scheduled for Monday and Tuesday this upcoming week. It's possible that a small handful of orders may still be straggling after Tuesday but the goal is to have 100% of all orders picked up next week and you should all have your games delivered by the end of next week. 


US fulfillment has been complete as of late February. If you are still missing your order, please contact us at We're unfortunately quite behind on messages but are in the process of catching up and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Retail Backers

If you are a retail backer reading this and have any questions, please refer them to

Damage, Replacements, Missing Items, and Other Questions

If you have any missing parts, questions or require other assistance, please email us at We are still struggling to keep up with the volume of emails and are as far as a few weeks behind on some inquiries. We're trying our best to respond back to everyone and are responding from oldest to newest so just a friendly reminder to refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system and refrain from emailing us more than once or through multiple avenues such as our social media. We've employed additional help for the next few weeks to help us aggressively catch up on emails. It will honestly take us some time to get our inbox to a manageable size again and we apologize for the delay in our responses.  

Live Streaming in these crazy times

We have noticed a lot of our community is also working from home and that got us thinking of ways where we could hang out with everyone! So until the 27th, we will be live streaming M - F at 2 PM CST on Facebook Live and Twitch.  The Leder Team has been having a blast so far, and we can't wait to see everyone this next week!

Once again, we thank everyone for their patience, and we're extremely excited for you all to receive your games!

Thank you,

Leder Games

Shipping Update #5
29 days ago – Fri, Mar 06, 2020 at 02:33:19 AM

Hi everyone,

This update is fairly detailed and lengthy since it includes all the information that we currently have from all of our shipping partners. If you only want to read the information for your region, you can skip to that section of the update. We apologize for how long it has taken for this new shipping update, but we have been waiting for more complete information from one of our shipping partners.

It is our absolute promise to all of our backers in this project that we will not sell any of our Underworld products to distribution until we have confirmed the delivery of our backer and retail backer pledges. Our retail release will be held for as long as needed to ensure our backers are prioritized.

If you have any questions, please email Please note that we are overwhelmed with emails currently and responses are taking more than 5 business days at this moment, but we'll do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

A Note About Shipping and an Apology to Our Backers in Europe

This shipping update includes the current information provided by our partners. Any dates given here are estimates, subject to delays or factors outside of our control.

It has honestly been a struggle to obtain accurate shipping updates and timelines with the information provided by our non-US/Canada shipping partner. We remain extremely sympathetic to the coronavirus situation, its effect on people's lives, and the caution necessary to protect the health of employees, and we are mindful of any continuing delays that could be caused by the outbreak.

We deeply apologize to all of our backers in Europe. Our initial plan with this shipping partner was to begin shipping as early as November 2019, with the aim to fulfill orders for all regions at the same time. It is now March and we share your frustration at this situation.

UK and Europe

As of this morning, our shipper has indicated that UK and Europe are only 80 to 90% complete in boxing and labeling orders—a process called “pick and pack.” Currently, there is one ocean container scheduled to pick up some of these orders this week, and another container will be scheduled to pick up the rest of the orders next week. Once both containers have left the shipping facility, we will receive a bill of lading that will allow us to follow the progress of the boat, which we will provide to our backers. With no further delays, the boat will arrive at the UK hub at the end of March or early April, with delivery beginning one to three weeks after that. We are aware of how late this places your fulfillment, relative to our other regions, and we deeply apologize for this situation once again.

For countries outside of the EU, such as Iceland and Switzerland, packages are being shipped via air. Our shipping partner had not indicated this plan, and we only discovered this once we received reports in our comments. We believed that all orders going to Europe were going to travel by ocean freight, so we apologize at the confusion on which orders are going on a boat or by air. If you are in a non-EU country and have not received any tracking information or your parcel yet, please note that this is normal and that, according to our order dashboard, a number of air shipments have not finished packing yet.

In our last update, we mentioned having tracking information. After much clarification from our shipper, any tracking numbers attached to the orders are not trackable by the couriers. Instead, local tracking will be available once packages arrive at the UK hub with local courier tracking numbers. Our shipping partner says that we will have new tracking numbers that we can provide for your orders as soon as they reach the UK.

Australia and New Zealand

Most of the orders to Australia have left the shipping facility and should soon be loaded onto the boat, if not already. We are still waiting for tracking information on the boat. According to our shipper's order dashboard, orders to Australia have been marked as "fulfilled," which usually means that it has left their facility. We will provide the tracking for the boat once we have it, so you can know when to expect your packages. Currently, we do not have tracking for individual packages, since once the packages reach the hub in Australia, a new local tracking label will be attached.

New Zealand ended up being shipped via air, despite our shipping partner indicating it would be loaded onto the boat container with orders to Australia. A small number of orders seem like they have not shipped by air yet. Please wait until fulfillment is considered complete before requesting a follow-up if you have not received your package in NZ yet.

Asia and Rest of World

For most of Asia and countries outside of Asia and Europe, the only shipping method available was by air. Some packages have already been shipped, and some have already been received. Our dashboard shows a number of orders to Asia and other regions are waiting to leave the shipping facility and will be sent via air.

If your package has been shipped, you will have received an email from Floship with your tracking information. But please be aware that not all of our air shipments have been sent out yet and are still being packed currently.


Most of the inventory for Canada arrived on February 19th. As of March 2nd, Canada was about 25% complete with shipping.

Despite that, fulfillment is ongoing. We aim to have most of the orders packed and tracking numbers sent by March 14th with the inventory that is on hand. The plushies and the additional upgrade packs are awaiting shipment from the US warehouse, and if there's no delay with transit or customs, we hope to have this received by March 16th or so.

All tracking information will be sent by email from Canada Post and will not be uploaded to Backerkit so that you don’t receive tracking notices twice. Your tracking email will give the time of your label creation, which does not reflect when your order will be picked up by the courier, so there may be a few days between when you receive your email and when it starts to show tracking progress.

Because the plushies and extra upgrade kits have not yet reached Canada, about 400 of these affected orders will need to wait until this inventory arrives, so some of you may not receive your tracking information until the week of the 16th. The goal for Canada is to have all packages delivered by the end of this month.


As discussed in our last update, US fulfillment is basically complete, and orders containing plushies have been sent as of last week. For a small number of orders, our US shipper could not verify the shipping addresses, but these have now been approved and should be shipping soon, if not already.

Retail Backers

If you are a retail backer and have any questions regarding shipment or your pledge, please email

Replacements, Damage, Missing Items, or Other Questions?

If your order has any missing, damaged, or incorrect items, or if you have any other questions, please email us at Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system for any assistance.

If you require any replacements, please provide a photo, if possible, and your full shipping details so we can process it as quickly as possible.

Please note that we are struggling to catch up with an enormous number of emails. We have an auto-reply set up, so please do not send another email if you have not heard from us since it changes your position in our email response queue. All responses are currently taking more than 3-5 business days, so please be patient and we'll get to you as quickly as we can. There are 20,000 backers for this project alone, so please be aware of this number when emailing in and know that we're doing our best to assist all of you as quickly and with the highest quality of responses as we can.


Leder Games

Shipping Update #4
about 2 months ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 02:45:54 AM

Hi everyone,

It's been some time since our last update and we wanted to provide you with our current standing on shipping for the project by region. For any questions, please email and please refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system so we can better help you.

The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Leder Games expresses our sympathy for the many lives impacted by the Coronavirus situation. We will continue to monitor effects to our production and deliveries and keep you updated on any potential shipping delays. 

So far, impacts have been minimal and have caused operational slowdowns at our international fulfiller last week where warehouse staff was encouraged to stay at home. At this time, operations are back up to speed but we are still seeing slow-down with ocean freight reservations and customs processing times. Thank you for your patience.


Due to the operational slow-downs last week, our shipping partner's believes all of the orders to Europe will be done packing by early next week and the hope is to have them on the boat for late next week. Once we have our tracking reports next week, we'll upload them to your orders on Backerkit so that you can follow the progress of your package.

The ocean passage has already been requested and we are waiting for a confirmed booking and date. From the time that the boat leaves, it will roughly be 4-week travel time to the hub in the UK with delivery as early as March. Once at the UK hub, packages will be transferred to local couriers to carry your packages to their destination and usually has been carried out by Whistl to your local post office. 

We apologize for how far our delivery timeline for Europe has fallen compared to our original estimate and other regions. Our fulfillment plan for this project utilized a new strategy that in theory was meant to streamline our shipping process. For more information on our shipping strategy on this project, we highly recommend reading through Update 33. With that said, we are set on improving and will be reevaluating our shipping strategy for our future projects.


Orders to Australia will be going out early next week, according to our shipping partner. They have been booked onto their own boat and should be leaving their facility shortly. We should have our tracking reports by next week or the week after, and will upload them to orders as soon as we have it so that you can follow the progress of your order. 

Asia and Rest of World

Asia and rest of world has a mix of shipping couriers that either utilize air or ground shipments based on the destination country and will be leaving the Hong Kong facility directly, without the need of booking a boat like Australia or Europe. We should have our tracking reports by next week or the week after, and will upload them to orders as soon as we have it so that you can follow the progress of your order. 


All of Canada's inventory to complete fulfillment has already crossed the border and unfortunately is still at customs. We apologize for the extended delay on the arrival of the Canadian inventory since we had expected them sooner. Currently, we're anticipating all inventory to be in-hand by early next week and shipping will commence immediately. We anticipate fulfillment to complete by the second week of March and all orders will receive a tracking email from Canada Post as soon as the label has been made. 

US (and an Important Note About Plushies)

The US is now complete for backers. If your order contained either the Raccoon or Mouse plush, these were not included in your shipments that were just sent. These will be shipped separately due to a delay with the shipment for the plushies and are set to arrive at the US warehouse by next week or so. We should expect them to ship soon after they arrive and deliver by early March.

Missing, Damaged, Incorrect Items or Other Questions?

For any help with your order, please contact We're getting 100+ emails each day so response time is a lot slower than usual but we'll try to get to your inquiry as quickly as we can. 

When submitting an inquiry for something damaged, please ensure that you attach a photo of the damage and iterate your shipping address for faster processing. Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system for any assistance.

PAX East, Booth TT41

We will be attending PAX East in Boston from Feb 27 - March 1. If you will be attending, you can find us in the Tabletop area at Booth TT41 where we will be running demos for Root: Underworld, Vast: The Mysterious Manor, Fort, and Oath! 


Leder Games

Shipping FAQs and Small Shipping Update by Region
2 months ago – Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 12:47:01 AM

Hey everyone! 

We've been getting quite a few questions so we want to address concerns collectively here and provide a small shipping update so you know more about the current status of shipping.


1. I'm in the US and my tracking hasn't moved in ___ days. Is something wrong?

This is completely normal. Our shipper batch printed shipping labels first, but their system was tied to an automatic email that indicates your package was "shipped". In reality, it only meant that the label was generated.
The time between label generation and the tracking updates is spent on the pick and pack process and being loaded onto the pallet for the courier. We understand some of you may be frustrated or confused by the notification, however, picking and packing is a very large and complicated process due to how many combinations of orders there are (as well as being a substantially large volume). We appreciate your patience as our shipper is doing all they can to process our orders as quickly as possible.

2. I'm in the US and I haven't gotten a tracking number yet.

Because of the confusion highlighted in question #1, shipping labels have paused generation until pick and pack has caught up.

3. Where is the automated factions expansion?

As previously detailed in a past update, we gave the automated factions an official name, The Clockwork expansion.

4. Where are my Kickstarter extra items?

These are packed with your copy of Root Underworld. They will be found inside of the box.

5. I'm a $1 backer. Can I still complete my pledge and get my rewards?

Unfortunately, we've printed and allocated stock based on orders that we locked and confirmed months ago and because of this, we cannot process any surveys only coming in now. 

6. Can I still change my address?

Unfortunately, all final address sheets have already been forwarded for processing and address changes are not possible at this time. We highly recommend setting up a forwarding address or getting in contact with your courier once your tracking number and courier is known.

7. Is there any effect of Brexit on the arrival of my package?

Current tax policies remain in effect until Dec 31, 2020 so this will not affect deliveries in any way. For peace of mind, our international shipper has several contingency plans and other hubs the can be used should the need arise. 

Shipping by Region


As of last week the US warehouse stated they are 40% of the way through fulfillment. Pick and pack is the longest and most complicated part of the process because of all the different combinations of orders so please be patient as these get processed as quickly as possible. We currently expect fulfillment to continue through early February due to the current pace of things.
For reference, couriers being used are UPS, Fedex, and USPS and are being chosen based on distance and weight.


So far, orders that contain solely Root Underworld have been shipped in Canada and these backers should have gotten their tracking more than a week ago. This was done so orders could get a small start as inventory is only partially in Canada. 

Currently, only Root Underworld copies are in Canada and we are still waiting on the rest of the inventory for this project to arrive. Because of this, we are still expecting fulfillment to complete mid to late February or so. Tracking will be emailed once the label is made and Canada Post will be used for delivery.

 UK, EU, Asia, Australia, and Rest of World 

Your orders are all in our shipper's online dashboard for us to check the status of and are in the pick and pack process currently. Unfortunately, they did not complete pick and pack before the Lunar New Year as previously expected but we've been told that once they return from their short break later this week, fulfillment will resume right away. After pick and pack is complete, the boats will be booked and another shipping update will be provided so you all have a better idea on delivery.

To reiterate our last update, UK and EU orders are being sent by ocean freight to a hub in the UK for further transit via ground. For Asia and rest of world, depending on the country, either air or ocean freight will be used and will not need to pass through the UK hub in order to deliver to you. And Australia will be via its own booked boat for ocean freight directly to Australia.

 Missing, Damaged, or Wrong Items?

If there is any issue with your package, please email us at Please do not use the Kickstarter messaging system for any support questions. Keeping track of Kickstarter messages is difficult and we can better help you via email.

At the moment, we are getting tons of support requests so please be patient as we get through everyone. "Bumping" emails will also cause your email to drop in the support queue since we are tackling emails from oldest to newest. We've brought on Brooke to help us with support and she's been an amazing and tremendous help but even with two people, it may take a few days or so until you hear a reply. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and we can't wait to get Root Underworld in your hands :)


Leder Games

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile Launches
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 12:40:31 AM

Hey Friends!

I wanted to post a quick update to let you know that this past Tuesday we launched Cole Wherle's latest game, Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. Shortly after the team finished on design and development for Root: Underworld, we began work on Oath. Over the past four months, Cole has been writing designer diaries on BBG going over the design and the process of Oath up to now.

I wouldn't say that Oath is a game for everyone, but if your gaming tastes align with Cole's unique design style, or if you liked the interesting storytelling and tension that you felt from Root, I encourage you to learn more and check out the project!

I also wanted to mention in this update that as of right now, everything is moving forward with shipping like Caryl laid out in our previous update, Shipping Update #3. Also a quick note that when you receive your tracking emails, there will usually be a several day delay from the time you get your email and when your package shows a pick up scan. 

Please send all inquiries to our support email,, and to refrain from using the Kickstarter messaging system so we can better help you.


Leder Games